Technology | August 15, 2007

Verathon Inc. Introduces Single-Use Video Laryngoscope

Verathon’s GlideScope Cobalt is a single-use video laryngoscope that provides a clear, real-time view of the patient's airway, enabling quick intubation.

Optimized for demanding operating room (OR), emergency department (ED) and intensive care unit (ICU) applications, the GlideScope Cobalt’s single-use design, which eliminates the need for disinfecting the “blade,” is ideal for fast-paced intubation settings.

GlideScope video laryngoscopes (GVL) provide a real-time view of the airway and of endotracheal tube placement, minimizing the need for a “blind” intubation procedure. The GlideScope Cobalt design is based on the popular GlideScope reusable video laryngoscope that achieves a Cormack-Lehane Grade I or Grade II view 99 percent of the time.