Technology | October 05, 2006

Ventilator Provides Clinical Flexibility in Compact Design

Bear Cub 750psv Infant Ventilator is designed to accommodate a range of patients from the small neonate to the 30-kg pediatric patient. The 750psv incorporates Integrated Synchronized Ventilation, Tidal Volume Monitoring and Independent Base & Inspiratory Flows for clinical flexibility in a compact design. Volume Limit provides the clinician with an additional guidance tool during pressure ventilation as it enhances volume management and establishes an upper boundary for deliverable tidal volumes during mechanical breaths.
The ventilator provides responsive and accurate proximal airway flow triggering and volume monitoring. The improved heated wire anemometer flow sensor provides accuracy in the breath-to-breath measurement of spontaneous and mechanical inspiratory and expiratory tidal volume and percentage of tube leak.
Flow triggering at the proximal airway offers the sensitivity and response time that is required for tiny premature infants with rapid respiratory rates. This results in consistent ventilator-patient synchrony and decreased work of breathing in infants.