News | October 21, 2007

Vendormate VISION 4.0 Streamlines Healthcare Security and Compliance Efforts

October 22, 2007 - Vendormate Inc. today released VISION 4.0, a solution for vendor security and ethics compliance monitoring which makes it easier for users to gather and process the information.

Vendormate VISION streamlines the process of checking vendors and their representatives for acknowledgement and compliance with an enterprise's own policies and multiple government mandates regarding ethics, security, and financial behavior. The maker says once vendors complete a simple screening and information process, Vendormate VISION tracks and reports to the enterprise each vendor's compliance status. Vendormate VISION also integrates vendor visitor badge functions to dissuade unauthorized access to client facilities.

Most hospitals typically have more than 3,000 vendors. Collecting, organizing, and monitoring this type of information for each vendor is essential to material management, risk management, and compliance officers who are responsible for driving down their enterprises' purchasing expenses and risk exposure.

The manufacturer says data that is not easily accessed and processed is often overlooked, so Vendormate VISION 4.0's new layout incorporates a tab-based modular format to allow users access to information according to their preferences. Most frequently used information and reports are moved front and center while other information is still easy to access. Data is cross-linked throughout the site to speed access.

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