Once it is attached and zeroed, the AbViser AutoValve allows intra-abdominal pressure (IAP) monitoring to occur without the need to clamp or turn valves.
The device automatically directs infused saline into the bladder, occludes drain flow long enough to obtain an accurate IAP measurement and then automatically drains the saline out into the urine drain bag. There are no valves to turn, no needles, no invasions of the sterile urinary drain system and no variability in data acquisition. The AbViser AutoValve integrates directly with all Foley catheters, transducers and patient monitors so it can be introduced into any ICU or OR. This simplicity of obtaining IAP data allows clinicians to monitor IAP early and often on all high-risk patients. With frequent data points the clinician can establish a trend, recognize intra-abdominal hypertension early and intervene before it progresses to abdominal compartment syndrome.

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