Technology | June 07, 2007

Tracking System Quickly Locates Hospitals’ Assets

The Asset Tracking System (ATS) is capable of quickly and accurately locating hospitals’ valuable assets. The system operates through a hospital’s standard 802.11 WiFi network to provide accurate information about real-time location. By using infrastructure already in place, no additional hardware, wiring or readers are required.
The system is comprised of three main components: the Positioning Engine, which is installed on the server and can accurately locate any WiFi-enabled PDA, laptop or BEACON100 radio tags in real time; the BEACON100, a compact, active radio tag that attaches to assets such as infusion pumps and other medical equipment; and the Compass Software, which is a Web-based application accessible via any PC or PDA with Web access and is used to locate equipment.
The system is available in several scalable options, including two pilot-kit options, allowing customers to invest incrementally.