Technology | March 26, 2008

Tighter Integration and Remote Support Monitoring Ensures Optimal System Performance

NovaRad will feature its NovaPACS 7.0 and NovaRIS at SIIM 2008.
Tighter integration between the systems offer enhanced image access and scheduling/billing/process management for radiologists and administrative staff. Additional enhancements in these latest versions include an improved information NovaCentral support �command center� for real-time remote monitoring and referring physician features in NovaPACS to enhance image reading efficiency.

NovaRIS runs on the same open source platform as NovaPACS, aiming to ensure seamless integration between the two systems. Its open source, Web-based platform is said to ease maintenance. This latest version is now also available in Spanish.

New with this latest version release is NovaCentral, an improved command center that enables NovaRad�s customer support team to remotely monitor in real time all of the critical functions of the customer�s RIS/PACS. This remote monitoring reportedly serves as a safeguard to ensure uptime and updates for optimal performance of the systems.

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