News | March 03, 2008

Through-Wave Ultrasound Created for Breast Imaging, Biopsy

March 4, 2008 - Advanced Imaging Technologies showcased the ARIA Breast Imaging System (BIS), a real-time, through-wave ultrasound imaging system that uses the diffractive properties of sound combined with holography (HU) to create highly detailed, 3D images of breast tissue, now equipped for image-guided biopsy, at NCBC 2008.

The automated system provides views of the breast tissue, especially dense tissue, while delivering data for enhanced diagnostic decision-making. ARIA BIS penetrates dense tissue, is automated with whole-breast presentation capabilities and provides high spatial and contrast resolution. In addition, the system allows for retrieval of prior comparative studies for cross-correlation with known landmarks for year-to-year comparison.

The system is PACS/DICOM compliant and features a workstation that interfaces with multiple imaging and reporting systems..

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