A new version of the LightMat Surgical Illuminator features an integral adhesive that makes it easier to handle and use and provides a thinner profile for ORs and ASCs. It combines cool, bright, shadowless light with a low profile, high brightness and ease of use.

The Ultra-Thin LightMat comes with Ultra-Brite technology and includes extra wraparound adhesives, helpful in particularly rugged or oily cases.

LightMat is a fiber optic panel that attaches easily to most surgical retractors and can be inserted directly into the surgical cavity. It can also be attached to suction devices or other instruments or used independently. It is a disposable, single-use-only device designed for surgeries with small incisions, vaginal and other deep cavity surgeries. Applications include gynecologic, oncology, plastic, general, spinal, orthopedic, pediatric and other non-laproscopic procedures.

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