Technology | August 16, 2007

Tensys Real-Time, Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor

Tensys Medical has released the latest generation of the T-Line, the TL-150Plus.
The TL-150Plus provides anesthesiologists with noninvasive beat-to-beat blood pressure giving early warning of hemodynamic changes and allowing tighter control of pressure by showing the beat-to-beat response to intervention.
The T-line is an innovative continuous, noninvasive blood pressure monitor, which provides accuracy clinically equivalent to that of an invasive arterial cannula. It utilizes a mechanical bracelet for optimal positioning of the sensor above the radial artery.
During the development of the T-Line over 1,000 patients have been recruited and studied. This level of diligence has identified several key benefits the T-Line provides, including accuracy clinically equivalent to an indwelling arterial catheter; a more reliable means of monitoring real-time blood pressure trends such as low or high swings in pressure; and a safe alternate to continuous invasive monitoring, thereby eliminating risks associated with the invasive A-line.