News | June 17, 2007

Technology Management Council Recognizes Medical Technology Professionals

June 18, 2007 -- Biomedical equipment technicians and clinical engineering professionals will be formally recognized this summer with a national week of appreciation in honor of their unique contributions to healthcare.

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation Technology Management Council (TMC) has approved a resolution proclaiming June 16–23, 2007 as National Biomedical/Clinical Engineering Appreciation Week.

The proclamation states in part that the complexity of medical technology makes it essential that those individuals responsible for the care, safety, and accuracy of this equipment are recognized as an invaluable resource to the healthcare industry.

According to the proclamation, biomedical technicians and clinical engineering professionals research, recommend, install, inspect, and repair medical devices and other complicated medical systems, as well as advise and train others concerning the safe and effective use of medical devices, thereby controlling healthcare costs and improving patient safety.

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