Technology | December 05, 2006

Technology Dries, Humidifies Breath Samples without Altering Composition

The ME-Series Moisture Exchangers for breath sample dryers, filters and sample lines use Nafion technology to dry or humidify medical gas and breath sample streams, without altering gas composition and with no utility requirements.
Moisture removal is a critical step prior to analysis in anesthesia monitoring, neonatal monitoring, asthma and respiratory care, metabolic testing and capnography. Excess water can block sample lines, damage analyzers and reduce the accuracy of analysis. ME Series dryers remove only water vapor from the sample, without removing any of the gases to be analyzed.
The exchangers can draw moisture from the room’s atmosphere, efficiently humidifying the gas stream. In either drying or humidification applications, the products seek equilibrium with room humidity, transferring water vapor into or out of the tubing in a stable, self-regenerating cycle. The antibacterial Nafion membrane tubing does not require power input for operation.