Technology | October 26, 2010

Technique Helps Reduce CT Dose by 50 Percent

GE Healthcare's Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR) technique can help reduce CT dose by up to 50 percent across the company's Discovery PET/CT 600 series platform and Discovery NM/CT 570c. With GE’s Alycone technology, available on Discovery NM 530c and NM 570c, clinicians are able to gather image data more quickly and allow up to a fourfold decrease in either imaging time or injected patient dose.

GE’s SharpIR, a sophisticated iterative reconstruction enhancement to VUE Point HD and VUE Point FX, is offered across the Discovery PET/CT 600 series platform to enhance visual contrast and resolution in both whole-body and brain PET images.

An addition to the TRACERcenter CMP platform is the TRACERcenter 710S, a cost effective upgradeable solution for customers establishing their own infrastructure platform for radiotracer research, production or distribution and produces tracers for oncology.

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