News | April 07, 2008

Table Designed for Patients Who Must Not Change Positions

April 8, 2008 - The MOBILIZER II Transfer System by Savir Medical was showcased at AORN 2008.

The MOBILIZER II is a table made to transfer patients from the operating theater or reanimation ward without causing traumas.

MOBILIZERII is especially recommended for orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, neurosurgery, bariatric surgery, reanimation and burns centers where extreme care is required in the delicate handling and moving of patients. The table is designed for all types of patients who must not change their anatomic position or patients in critical conditions who could suffer further injury when moved by hand.

A canvas runs over an extractable table giving a special movement of the transfer surface to allow the delicate and uniform transfer of patients with medications, stitches, implants and various applications without damaging them.

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