A new Omega 3 surgical mesh product, C-QURLite Mesh is indicated for use in the surgical repair and reinforcement of soft tissue, including hernia repair. The technology combines Atrium's ProLite Ultra polypropylene surgical mesh with a pharmaceutical-grade Omega 3 fatty acid bioabsorbable gel coating. C-QURLite Mesh enhances the handling stiffness and healing response in pre-peritoneal placement when compared to other "bare" polymer mesh products.

C-QURLite Mesh is constructed from the refined ProLite Ultra polypropylene monofilament, providing a low profile, strong, lightweight base structure. The all natural Omega 3 gel coating is then applied, coating each monofilament of the mesh to enhance material handling and subsequent healing. This nonpolymeric, bioabsorbable coating has demonstrated in preclinical studies to significantly improve anatomical conformance by reducing aggressive, dense acellular collagen formation known to induce adhesions following surgery.

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