News | October 28, 2007

Stryker Offers Easy to Use, Automatic Positioning with InTouch Bed

October 29, 2007 - Stryker Medical recently launched a new high acuity bed called InTouch, which gathers bed information for each patient, has an on-board protocol to encourage compliance based practices, can control other patient care equipment, and through a full-featured data port can connect into hospital computer systems.

InTouch was designed with clinician input to provide proper positioning for all patient care therapies. The bed has a wide range of positions it can be configured in to using its intuitive touch screen. Pre-set positions and intuitive controls positions, such as 30-degree head-of-bed angle, vascular, Trendelenburg, cardiac chair and CPR, are operated with a single touch at multiple locations on the bed. Siderail angle markings give a quick visual confirmation. Labeling on position controls can be under-stood at a glance, the manufacturer said.

The bed has an electric brake to prevent unnecessary bending and stretching required by traditional brakes. It also has Stryker’s Zoom motorized drive system.

The bed’s intelligent weight controls obtain accurate weights with the patient and the bed in virtually any position. Delayed weight function offers an innovative way to record weights, even with the presence of ancillary equipment like lines and tubes. The advanced tracking function graphs up to the last 50 weights, which allows clinicians to track and view weight trends over time.

The bed’s system has a master alert screen for all bed conditions that need clinician attention. The caregiver can move to the related menu for additional information and enter a prompt to delay or disarm the alert.

The bed’s Chaperone Bed Exit Center-of-gravity system allows the caregiver to know more about the critical position of the patient in bed. Three concentric zones can be set to monitor a range of patient movements from subtle activity to gross movements associated with attempts to exit the bed.

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