Technology | December 20, 2007

Stryker Offers Automatic Positioning with InTouch

Stryker Medical’s InTouch is a new high-acuity bed that gathers bed information for each patient, has an on-board protocol to encourage compliance based practices, can control other patient care equipment, and through a full-featured data port can connect into hospital computer systems.

The bed can be configured to a wide range of positions using its intuitive touchscreen. Pre-set positions and intuitive controls positions, such as 30-degree head-of-bed angle, vascular, Trendelenburg, cardiac chair and CPR, are operated with a single touch at multiple locations on the bed. Siderail angle markings give a quick visual confirmation and labeling on position controls can be understood at a glance, the manufacturer said.

The bed has an electric brake to prevent unnecessary bending and stretching required by traditional brakes. It also has Stryker’s Zoom motorized drive system.