Technology | October 08, 2007

Stimuplex Pen Locates Nerves Before Starting Block

B.Braun will exhibit its Stimuplex Pen, which helps anesthesia providers and educators locate superficial nerves through the skin before starting a nerve block.

The pen can be used to find the optimal nerve block needle angle and entry point. This can help increase the potential of finding the nerve on the first needle pass as well as prevent repeated skin puncture.

The reusable Stimuplex Pen doubles as a teaching tool and increases interactivity and realism during educational demonstrations. Students and educators can practice locating nerves both inside and outside the OR environment.

When the pen tip electrode is placed in proximity to a superficial nerve, motor contractions can be elicited through stimulation current. The Stimuplex Pen can only be used with the Stimuplex HNS 11 and HNS 12 nerve stimulators as longer pulse durations (between 0.5 and 1.0ms) are necessary to obtain optimal motor responses.

The Stimuplex Pen works on all superficial nerves up to approximately 3cm in depth, depending upon both patient size and nerve conductivity.