Technology | April 06, 2008

Steris Offers Amsco V-PROTM 1 Low Temperature, Peroxide Gas Sterilizer

The Amsco V-PROTM 1 Low Temperature Sterilization System is designed to simplify clinicians' lives by improving productivity and minimizing disruptions.

The Steris system utilizes VHP technology (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) and can quickly process large volumes of heat and moisture sensitive devices.

V-PROTM 1 can help plan scheduling, manage unexpected volumes and make priorities flexible enough to process same-day or next day requests. The company also said it can help minimize inefficiency and waste by reducing the repetitive work and lost consumables associated with aborted loads.

The device has a large rectangular chamber (136L) to process more devices per cycle. A rectangular shape and ergonomic sliding-shelves make loading simple, the maker said. The plasma-free process eliminates the need for a space-constraining, electrically charged coil inside the chamber.

The Vaprox Injection System Cartridge is automatically punctured and emptied once inside the unit. An internal reservoir routes liquid sterilant into a vaporizer where it is converted into a gas and injected into the chamber. The cartridge is self-contained with two protective membranes that prevent staff exposure to chemistry. A bar code ensures expired sterilant is never used. The V-PROTM 1 automatically detects sterilant level and will alert you once it's empty. The cartridge allows 15 cycles between changes.

The sterilizer has a color-coded and descriptive touch screen that shows cycle stages and remaining time. Minimal training required and the machine has a simple one-touch control with automated process leaves less room for human error, Steris said.

The device has ports for computer network connectivity so every cycle is monitored and documented. The V-PROTM 1 platform integrates with hospital-wide systems, including instrument tracking and record keeping. Remote monitoring also available, the company said.

The sterilizer has a built-in impact printer, which allows for cycle documentation. It also has built-in casters so it can be moves easily.

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