Technology | February 20, 2008

Starion Instruments Introduces TLS3 Tissue Ligating

The TLS3 Tissue Ligating Shears feature Starion’s proprietary thermal welding technology, focusing thermal energy to simultaneously seal and divide soft tissue, reducing thermal spread and collateral damage.

The shears feature enhanced sealing and dissecting capabilities, an ergonomic handle design, longer more tapered jaws and two-speed finger control for performance in open and minimally invasive surgical procedures. Three lengths (14 cm, 23 cm and 35 cm) provide improved sealing and dividing of larger vessels frequently encountered in general surgical, gynecological and urological procedures.

Along with the TLS3, Starion is introducing a new Universal Power Supply (UPS) that is compatible with the company’s entire product line. The new UPS is a compact, three-pound, reusable power source that can hang from an IV pole or sit on a tabletop. It features a power-on indicator, footswitch-required indicator and hand-piece installed indicator, as well as adjustable audible tones to indicate energy delivery in three different modes.