News | November 07, 2006

St. Louis area hospitals acquire critical tool for disaster response

NexGenisys LLC announced that the St. Louis Area Regional Response System (STARRS) has contracted to provide the NexGenisys MEDS|POD and MEDS|Inventory system to its healthcare facilities, signifying a leap forward in regional efforts to protect against the deadly effects of a bio-terror attack, pandemic event or other widespread healthcare crisis. STARRS member hospitals will utilize the MEDS|POD system to facilitate the safe mass dispensing of medications to employee populations and possibly employee family members during disasters which require pharmacological intervention. The initial rollout will include 35 hospitals, with funding expected for an additional 11 in the coming months.

“MEDS|POD gives hospitals a tool that allows them to rapidly mobilize internal dispensing sites and medicate their patients, staff, and families during a time of need,” stated Nick Gragnani, Executive Director of STARRS. Mr. Gragnani went on to say that MEDS|POD is “a powerful software package that works on multiple platforms which is important when coordinating with 46 different hospitals throughout the St. Louis region.”

BJC Healthcare Director of Emergency Preparedness, Debbie Mays, agreed, adding that MEDS|POD “significantly reduces the amount of time required to register patients while ensuring a quality process is place for distribution of medication. The use of the MEDS|POD system allows us to utilize a more flexible staffing model which is a critical element of our disaster preparedness plan.”

“It is gratifying to have yet another regional adoption of the MEDS|POD mass dispensing system,” stated NexGenisys CEO Russell Andrews. “This is further validation that hospitals recognize the need for systems to protect their employees as part of their business continuity plan.”

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