Technology | January 12, 2009

SonoSite Rolls Out S-Women’s Health Ultrasound Tool

January 12, 2009 - SonoSite Inc. rolled out the S-Women’s Health ultrasound tool designed to enable women’s health clinicians to provide comprehensive care in the patient exam room.

The new addition to SonoSite’s S Series product line joins the M-OB/Gyn Office and the S-Gyn ultrasound tools as part of SonoSite’s innovative suite of products for women’s health.

“The S-Women’s Health is great to have in the exam room because if a patient comes in with a lump, I am able to quickly and easily determine if it is something like fibrocystic thickening or if it requires additional evaluations,” said Deanna J. Attai, M.D., FACS, Center for Breast Care in Burbank, CA.

The S-Women’s Health ultrasound tool reportedly has a simple interface designed to be easy to use. Buttons, dials and menus have been eliminated from the interface, with the exception of two controls- Depth and Gain- for acquiring the optimum image quality. SonoSite’s proprietary advanced technologies, SonoHD and SonoMB, are incorporated, providing crystal-clear imaging and enabling the physician to visualize minute details. With the capacity to zero-in on a targeted area, SonoSite’s advanced SonoAdapt technology enables the clinician to confidently locate masses, target lesions, guide biopsies, and initiate a course of treatment.

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