Smiths Medical, part of the global engineering business Smiths Group, has recently introduced the Portex Thermovent T2 Heat and Moisture Exchange Device (HME) for tracheostomy tubes. This new product is now available in the market.

The Portex Thermovent T2 HME is Smiths Medical's new generation of passive humidifiers for tracheostomy tubes. Like its predecessor, the Portex Thermovent T2 HME is a single-use passive humidification device that provides effective humidification for spontaneously breathing patients whose upper airways are bypassed by a tracheostomy tube. The added benefit is a simple opening port for quick and easy access for suctioning. A centrally located integrated oxygen line connection port enables supplementary oxygen without interfering with other functions of the product.

The system has oxygen reservoir end caps that are rounded for added patient comfort, and clear housing that allows visualization of HME. The device may be used for a maximum period of 24 hours and is indicated for use on adult and pediatric patients with a tidal volume greater than 70ml.

"The Portex(R) Thermovent(R) T2 HME complements our current family of heat and moisture exchange products, offering our customers both a wider range of passive humidification products as well as the next generation of T-type HMEs. Smiths Medical is a world-leading provider of respiratory products and maintains a commitment to innovation that leads to improved clinical performance and better patient outcomes," said Jim Cobb, Director of Marketing for Respiratory Products, Smiths Medical.

About Smiths Medical
Smiths Medical is a clinically-focused global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of medical devices used for a variety of therapeutic, diagnostic, and surgical procedures. The company's portfolio includes airway management, pain management, temperature management systems, infusion systems, implantable access systems, safety I.V. catheters, critical care monitoring, and insulin delivery systems. This product range offers customers clinical and economical advantages backed by experience, innovation, and value-added services, including extensive product training and support. For more information, please visit

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