News | September 01, 2008

Single Port Laparoscopy with RealHand Instruments Reduces Scarring, Post-Op Pain

September 2, 2008 - Novare Surgical Systems announced it successfully completed a series of single port lap-band procedures, performed exclusively through the patient�s belly button, which resulted in reduced scarring and less postoperative pain for patients.

Dr. Julio Teixeira at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital has pioneered the innovative belly button lap-band procedure and he is believed to be the first surgeon to successfully do so. Dr. Teixeira uses Novare�s RealHand HD instruments to enable the procedure, and his approach eliminates an upper abdominal trocar placement that is often a site for significant patient discomfort.

"This is a major step toward reducing pain and recovery time for bariatric patients," said Dr. Teixeira. "By reducing the operative site to one single incision in the belly button we are also able to significantly improve cosmetic results for our patients. The dexterity and control afforded by the RealHand HD instruments now opens the door for single-port lap band procedures to be done safely and effectively through one single incision."

The Lap-Band Adjustable Gastric Banding System (manufactured by Allergan Inc.) is a silicone band that is surgically placed to reduce the amount of food a patient can hold in his or her stomach. Although this procedure is performed laparoscopically, it typically requires at least five abdominal incisions.

Single Port laparoscopy is an advanced minimally invasive approach in which the surgeon operates exclusively through a single entry point, typically the patient's belly button. All of the instruments necessary for the surgery are used through this single incision. After surgery, the scar is almost completely hidden inside the belly button.

RealHand HD instruments are reportedly the first full range of motion hand-held laparoscopic instruments. RealHand technology is designed to mirror the surgeon's hand direction with the added benefit of tactile feedback. As such, when the surgeon's hand moves in one direction, the instrument tip exactly follows. Unlike standard laparoscopic instrumentation, RealHand is designed to offer complete seven degrees of freedom of movement in a hand-held instrument with no need for additional hardware.

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