News | January 21, 2007

January 22, 2007 - The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (formerly SCAR), a professional organization at the nexus of medical imaging and information technologies, has launched its new website:

The new website coincides with the re-branding of the society and the intention to use the Internet as a much stronger platform to serve its members throughout the year. The website provides valuable content for the entire medical imaging community and serves as a resource for the emerging field of imaging informatics.

The demands of being an imaging informatics professional in healthcare require just-in-time learning on a daily basis, and SIIM is committed to helping meet this challenge.

New website features that enhance learning opportunities include:

--The SIIM Expert Hotline has been integrated and archived on the site.
The Hotline taps into SIIM members' significant expertise and
background in PACS technology and imaging informatics applications, making
hundreds of questions and unbiased expert answers about imaging informatics
available for users worldwide to search and browse;

--More podcasts and streaming video of SIIM educational content;

--Improved search function with the capability of performing full-text searches of all content on the website, including PDF files and archives, enhancing access to the growing body of information on imaging informatics;

--Communities of Practice that are "learning communities" within SIIM, bound together by shared expertise and enthusiasm. Participants work collaboratively on strategy, innovation, problem solving, development of professional skills, and promotion of best practices.

"The SIIM Online Communications Committee has been working for the past year to build an infrastructure that can take the great amount of content generated at the society's meetings and conferences, and within SIIM publications, and create an online knowledge repository," said Paul Nagy, PhD, chair of the Online Communications Committee. is designed to provide knowledge, networking and learning opportunities for the imaging informatics community 24/7.

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