News | June 29, 2008

Sharps Disposal By Mail System Designed for Medical Waste

June 30. 2008 - Sharps Compliance Corp. today launched a larger version of its flagship product, the Sharps Disposal By Mail System, specifically designed to meet the needs of medical professionals, such as physician and dental offices, and provide a safe and efficient alternative to traditional, more costly medical waste pick-up services.

In addition to the disposal of used syringes, the new 18-gallon Medical Professional Sharps Disposal By Mail System (model number 11800) can be used to collect all of the medical waste including red bag (biohazard) waste as well as existing sharps containers located in each examination room. The product is permitted by the United States Postal System for transport to the Sharps’ owned medical waste disposal facility located in Carthage, TX. The mail back solution is a more cost effective and flexible solution as compared to the traditional pick up service typically used, said the company.

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