The Uni-Vent Eagle is a self-contained, portable ventilator developed for critical care. Weighing less than 13 pounds, the Eagle contains its own compressor and air/oxygen mixer (blender), graphics display, full complement of alarms and a fast startup sequence that allows operation to begin in three steps.
The ventilator contains features and delivers performance found in ventilators more than twice its size and weight, and offers operational simplicity and a coherent graphics display of patient data and device status.
Features include pressure control and time cycled/pressure limited operating modes; operation from internal compressor, external oxygen and/or external air; automatic management of available gas(es) to assure that tidal volume is maintained; and tidal volume and gas mix alarms.
The system also automatically compensates for altitude and PEEP and offers automatic backlighting of LCD display for viewing under any conditions including total darkness.
Eagle is EMI/RFI certified for aeromedical use and comes complete with internal, rechargeable batteries; Universal AC Power Supply (with RS-232 interface); and DC Power Cable. It measures approximately 12 inches high by 9 inches wide by 5 inches deep.

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