SCHILLER's MAGLIFE MRI light is designed to handle all your monitoring needs and is compatible with MRI scanners up to 3 Tesla. MAGLIFE light has a large color screen visible from the control room, displaying the patient's SPO2, pulse rate and/or NIBP values. The sensors are suitable for all types of patient – adults, children, neonates and premature infants. MAGLIFE light is the ideal patient monitor for your routine MRI examinations. Compact and easy to use, MAGLIFE light does not require any installation procedure and has been designed for daily use.

All the functions of a "big" monitor:
• Displays NIBP (Sys, Dia, MAP), SpO2 and pulse rate
• Saves and displays the most recent NIBP values measured
• Display of patient values on large color screen visible from across the room
• AC and battery power supply
• Visual and audible alarms
• Low-battery alarm
• Integrated magnetic field detector
• Operates at up to 400 Gauss (40mT)
• Standby mode for instant restarting
• Standard external USB printer to document each examination
• Downloadable software
• Lightweight and easy to handle

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