News | July 28, 2008

RTI Features X-ray QA Solutions at AAPM 2008

July 29, 2008 - RTI Electronics features its two multimeter lines, Piranha and Barracuda, at AAPM 2008.

The lines reportedly offer a complete range of capabilities to measure the important QA parameters on all types of X-ray systems. Both the Piranha and Barracuda are based on solid-state technology. The Barracuda has available bias voltage for the use of ionization chambers. These multimeters can be used wirelessly with a PDA that provides a high contrast graphical display directly showing all relevant data and waveforms. The multimeters can also interface to a PC with RTI’s oRTIgo database software, reportedly offering a fast and easy way to collect QA data and generate reports.

New features have been recently added to the Piranha and Barracuda. The increasingly common target/filter combination W/Ag for mammography units is now available. The Piranha and Barracuda measure both kV and dose with all supported mammography beam qualities as standard. The standard kV range is now 18-49 kV. The HVL capability has been improved and the detector has also been modified to better suit the measuring geometry of mammography units.

A scatter and leakage application has also been introduced by using the Piranha and Barracuda standard dose detector. The application range for Piranha has been further expanded; all models for R/F are now also loaded with dedicated applications for dental and CT kVp/time.

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