News | March 10, 2010

RSNA's New Look Shows Evolution of Society

March 10, 2010 – The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) unveiled its newly redesigned logo, conceived to join past, present and future and to unify the Society’s products and services under one umbrella.

According to RSNA Chairman of the Board George S. Bisset III, M.D., "As medical imaging evolves, we believe it is appropriate for RSNA to evolve also—so we have updated our look."

The new RSNA logo symbolizes the strength and historical foundation of the Society, as it approaches the 100th anniversary of its founding. A triangle accent mark and radiant line reflect illumination by and hopes for medical imaging. The upward movement of the line reflects the Society's dynamic leadership in advancing the science and technology of radiology and shaping the future of the specialty.

The new logo is the culmination of an effort to understand peoples’ perceptions of RSNA. The Society regularly reaches out to its members and meeting attendees to find out what they think of its products and services, which include Radiology, RadioGraphics, RSNA News, the scientific assembly and annual meeting, online education resources and informatics technology.

In 2008, RSNA asked members, nonmembers, volunteers, leaders, North Americans and international colleagues to share their thoughts about RSNA. The survey revealed that members of the radiology community view RSNA as a trustworthy, cutting-edge, collaborative and visionary organization and see the Society as global in its scope, scale and connections.

“We found that people associate RSNA with high quality, innovation and dedication to its mission of research and education,” Dr. Bisset said. “They value the opportunities RSNA offers for professional development and networking at all levels and in all subspecialties of radiology.”

The research also disclosed that, while many people understand, use and appreciate various RSNA products and services, they don't always associate them with RSNA or relate them to one another. Therefore, the Society has united all its products and services in a robust, consistent structure with the refreshed logo, forming an "RSNA family" of products and services.

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