News | March 13, 2012

Riverain Renames Early Lung Cancer Detection Software

March 13, 2012 — Riverain Technologies’ software to improve early diagnosis of potentially cancerous lung nodules using chest X-ray machines has a new name. The ClearRead Suite of products will debut in the United States March 11-14, at the Society of Thoracic Radiology (STR) meeting in Huntington Beach, Calif.

All of the software within the suite has been renamed to carry the ClearRead brand, reflecting each application’s effectiveness at giving radiologists a clearer and more complete view of a patient’s chest X-ray image and immediately improving the diagnostic potential of the most commonly performed imaging procedure.

  • ClearRead Bone Suppression (formerly SoftView) transforms a standard X-ray image into a soft tissue image and enables detection of 1 in 6 lung nodules that otherwise would be missed. Bone suppression technology is used in all Riverain ClearRead software applications.
  • ClearRead +Detect (formerly OnGuard), which circles potential lung nodules on a bone-suppressed X-ray image for further evaluation by a radiologist, is the market leader in computer-aided detection (CAD) for chest X-ray. When combined, Riverain bone suppression and CAD enables detection of 1 in 2 previously missed lung nodules.
  • ClearRead +Compare (formerly DeltaView) is a temporal comparison application that electronically aligns two chest X-ray images taken on the same patient at different times, creating a subtraction image. This third image accentuates changes over time that may indicate the onset or regression of disease, including lung cancer.

“The ClearRead Suite takes ordinary X-ray images to extraordinary levels, without changes to imaging protocols, additional procedures, radiation dose to patients, and does not require investment in additional imaging hardware,” said Steve Worrell, chief technology officer at Riverain. “You can install the applications today and immediately significantly reduce the number of missed lung nodules.”

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