Technology | November 25, 2009

RIS/PACS Upgrade Manages Critical Results

November 24, 2009 — A new upgrade to a RIS/PACS features critical test results management, document viewer scanning, drag and drop, and PDF conversion, and more.

The new version, PowerServer RIS/PACS 4.7 has added critical test results management to provide radiologists the ability to quickly flag critical studies and manage them through a worklist.

The document viewer scanning, drag and drop, and PDF conversion feature allows users to scan directly into document viewer, drag and drop from Outlook or explorer, and automatically convert JPGs and BMPs to PDFs when dropped into viewer.

The new Online Order Placement enables referring physicians to request orders through the Physician Portal. Plus, a new popup alert will display in a configurable
location of the desktop every time an alerted study occurs. With the SUV Probing
on the SUV display doctors can use the probe tool for PET images.

Capping Relevant Prior Prefetching is a configurable setting which limits the number of
priors fetched for a current study, reducing bandwidth usage.

Finally, the enhanced Voice Recognition provides better integration with Dragon voice commands to improve radiologist productivity.

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