News | May 04, 2009

RIS Concepts Debuts Multiple Speech Recognition Solution Support

May 4, 2009 - RIS Concepts announces multiple voice recognition system support for its RCI-RIS, web-based, multifacility RIS, and RAD-RIS, fine-tuned for the unique needs of radiology groups reading studies for multiple facilities. Both RIS solutions will now seamlessly integrate with not only the popular Dragon medical speech recognition engine, but also IBM ViaVoice and Nuance SpeechMagic applications. With this new diversity of options, RIS Concepts is making it easier than ever before to incorporate effective, proven medical speech recognition functionality into radiology workflow. This new support enables radiologists to retain their personal voice files from these applications that often have often been fine-tuned through years of use, as they upgrade to the RIS Concepts application.

“Speech recognition is becoming an increasingly important part of digital radiology workflow,” said Christie Hentschl, vice president of marketing and sales for RIS Concepts. “RIS Concepts believes that no one should be obligated to work with a specific application that is not their choice or to start again with a new system when switching to a new RIS. RIS Concepts is committed to providing radiologists with that choice.”

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