Technology | July 20, 2008

RFSuite Tracks Patient Positioning, RT Equipment

CIVCO Medical Solutions' RFSuite of tools is a comprehensive tracking and verification system that reportedly improves workflow and quality assurance.

The system utilizes RF technologies giving you the ability to track patients, charts, film folders and positioning devices as well as facilitating accessory verification on the linac table.

CIVCO has partnered with Solstice Medical, a provider of RF technologies and asset management solutions, to bring this technology into the mainstream for radiation oncology.

The tracking software, known as RFTrak, gives you the ability to quickly locate specific RF tagged items saving time and money. Patients are easily checked into the system by a customized RF tag which is automatically detected once a patient enters an equipped room. The easy-to-use software provides a snapshot of where items or people are located in your facility in real time.
Regardless of which record and verify system is in use, the RFSuite™ system will improve workflow in the treatment process by providing automatic detection and confirmation of all prescribed accessory devices. The software will ensure that the correct positioning, immobilization and beam modifiers (such as compensators) are being used for the correct patient for each treatment.

CIVCO’s RFSuite line provides a broad array of products with RF tags including CIVCO’s line of patient positioning and immobilization devices, charts and film jackets.