News | August 02, 2007

RFID, Barcoding, Emerging Technologies for Hospitals Conference Announced

August 3, 2007 — The 6th Annual RFID, Barcoding & Emerging Technologies for Hospitals & Health Systems Conference, Sept. 24-26 2007 in Philadelphia PA, will feature hospital leaders speaking about their tracking technology applications.

According to the conference operator, “The International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC), RFID, barcoding and other real time location systems are taking the forefront in improving hospital workflow processes and patient safety. However, rolling out a tracking program in your hospital is no simple task. Obtaining management support, selecting a vendor, establishing a compatible infrastructure and securing clinician buy-in, are only a few steps in this long, often arduous process. This conference will leap you years forward with your implementation through practical applications, lessons learned and best strategies from your peers who've already confronted the challenges.”

Highlights include:
- 14 hard-hitting case studies from your peers regarding technology selection, proving ROI, change management and other major obstacles to success
- 6 different applications of RFID including asset tracking, patient tracking, staff tracking and medication administration
- 3 barcoding application success stories for increased medication administration safety
- Use cases from several departments, including the emergency department, biomedical engineering and clinical department
- 3 groundbreaking applications of RFID including blood sample tracking, SIDS prevention and implantable human tags to access health records
- An interactive "Technology Showdown" panel to present different technologies and applications
- 4 practical workshops on RTLS basics, assessing ROI, asset/patient tracking and a multi-layered approach to tracking
- 4 hours of networking with your industry peers and tracking innovators

The event will feature sessions and workshops on many areas including:

- Broad Applications of RFID Resource Tracking
- A Practical Guide to Preparing a Hospital Infrastructure for Future Technological Development
- Handling Change Management & Adoption Challenges
- Active RFID with 2D Barcode for Asset Management
- Using RFID for Patient Tracking: Results of a Pilot Project
- Using Ultrasound Technology to Track Assets & Patients for Optimal Accuracy
- Panel Discussion: Technology Showdown
- Using Barcodes & Wireless to Perfect the Medication Administration Process
- Extending Benefits of Barcoding to Labor & Delivery
- Establishing & Managing a Health System's Enterprise Wireless Infrastructure
- Applying RFID for Patient/Staff Tracking to Increase Process Efficiency
- Implantable RFID Medical Information Chips to Provide Detailed Health Data
- RFID Application in the Blood Transfusion Supply Chain
- Using RFID Technologies for Medical Implants & Noninvasive Monitoring
- RTLS 101: Understanding the Basics of Real Time Location Systems for Process Efficiency
- Practical Guide to Hospital Automatic Material Management & Asset Tracking to Ensure Project Success
- Multi-Layered Approach to Tracking: Integrating Mixed Tracking Systems & Innovations in Hospital Applications
- Analyzing ROI to Obtain Management Buy-In & Maximize Profitability

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