Technology | October 22, 2008

Resonance Technology Shows New Integrated Headset

Resonance Technology offers a range of enhancements to its CinemaVision patient comfort audio-video systems and FuncLAB automated fMRI image data processing technology.

CinemaVision’s powerful, new audio phone, which is integrated into the device’s lightweight audio-video headset designed for maximum comfort. The unit also boasts enhanced noise cancellation technology to enable the technologist to hear the patient distinctly even during scans.

The CinemaVision headset delivers a resolution of 240,000 pixels for each of the two displays to provide high-quality, realistic video. It provides quality digital stereo sound with a passive noise-attenuation technology and an intercom for ongoing communication between patient and technologist. The entire headset fits within the MRI coil, reportedly making set-up fast and simple.

As part of its fMRI technology, Resonance Technology debuts the first ever 1000 Hz MRI eye tracker camera complete with proprietary data analysis software to take full advantage of the enhanced technology. Used with Resonance Technology’s advanced VisuaStim audio-visual stimulation module, it provides a complete fMRI presentation and patient response system for both research and clinical applications.