Technology | December 03, 2006

The Reliance Endoscope Processing System (Reliance EPS), designed for GI departments, is a high-level disinfection system engineered to deliver consistent and repeatable results.
The system’s proprietary Reliance DG Dry Germicide Chemistry kills even the most challenging organisms. The Reliance EPS system also provides preprogrammed decontamination cycles to prevent the formation of biofilm inside the processor that can harbor microorganisms and recontaminate the scopes.
With its patented oxidative chemistry the processor achieves high-level disinfection of up to two flexible endoscopes within a four-minute generation and six-minute exposure time at 50 degrees Celsius, and completes a disinfection cycle in less than 30 minutes. Since two scopes can be processed simultaneously the use of chemistry and water are optimized.

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