Real-Time Intelligence in the Radiology Workflow

The key to the successful adoption of AI is ensuring that it seamlessly augments radiologists’ training, expertise, and reporting workflows
Beyond its current and potential benefits in a growing number of clinical use cases, workflow-integrated artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling a…
AI-powered natural language understanding and other innovations now generate structured data from unstructured narrative text, deliver contextual clinical guidance when most helpful during the reporting workflow, provide quality and accuracy checks, connect disparate systems with synchronous data exchange and reduce workflow interruptions.
  AI-powered models that augment radiologists’ expertise in interpreting diagnostic imaging often capture the lion’s share of industry attention.…
Real-time intelligence in the pre-read stages of the workflow can ensure that when opening the first study on a worklist, the radiologist can be confident that it is the correct study to read at that time, whether based on AI-integrated worklist triage, worklist prioritization, or SLA expectations.
  Optimizing radiology workflow begins well before a radiologist opens an exam. Early planning and preparation are critical to driving efficiencies…
Real-time intelligence in #radiology workflow helps #radiologists and #clinicians make better decisions throughout the patient care journey and is made possible by a broad spectrum of capabilities enabled by #artificial_intelligence (#AI)
Real-time intelligence in radiology workflow helps radiologists and clinicians make better decisions throughout the patient care journey and is made…
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