Technology | December 17, 2009

Radiation Monitoring Device Introduced for CT Scans

December 19, 2009 – A new, non-electronic computed tomography (CT) radiation dosimeter was released this week. The RADView CT dosimeter is manufactured in the form of a badge, smaller than a credit card, and contains radiation-sensitive film.

X-ray exposure from a CT scan causes a dye in the dosimeter to change the color of the radiation-sensitive film in proportion to the dose of radiation. The dosimeter does not require maintenance, will not interfere with the CT image, and is less expensive to use than conventional dosimeters.

The badges are self-developing and provide an immediate visual indication of radiation exposure without requiring a darkroom or processing equipment. It has an adhesive for direct skin contact, allowing application of the device to a user at the site of the examination.

The exposed dosimeter can be used as a permanent record in both patient and CT equipment records.

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