Technology | November 19, 2014

Radcal Releases first WiFi Device to Help Counter Common System Issues

New technology will help transmission stability, data quality and range connection

The Nugget, wifi

Images courtesy of Radcal

November 18, 2014 — Radcal Corporation announced the release of its first WiFi device, the Nugget, which will be unveiled at the 2014 RSNA trade show, along with the new Accu-Dose+ ion chamber based diagnostic meter, Accu-Gold, to replace the legacy dose meters.

The Nugget is a unique “snap-on” enhancement to any of the Accu-Gold meters. Recognizing that the system display and X-ray sensors are often widely separated, wireless capability eliminates the need to be tethered by a cable.  In order to address transmission stability, data quality and range issues characteristic of other vendor’s Bluetooth solutions, Radcal has designed a WiFi (IEEE 802.11) wireless connection.  The Nugget is compatible with all past or present Accu-Gold meters.

In addition to the Nugget WiFi solution, Radcal is releasing the new Accu-Dose+ diagnostic X-ray meter for dose measurements.  The new Accu-Gold digitizer based device connects directly to any past or present Radcal ion chambers as well as Radcal Dose Diodes for individual or simultaneous measurements.  Utilizing the provided Accu-Gold Software, measurements of dose, dose rate, exposure time, pulse count, dose/pulse, pulse frequency and dose rate waveforms are shown after each exposure. 

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