News | November 14, 2007

QUBYX and Matrox Solution Allows Hospital Staff to Easily Calibrate Operating Room Images

November 15, 2007 - Matrox Graphics Inc. said this week its Matrox Equinox Series graphics extension unit and Onyx Series companion display controller board are compatible with QUBYX PerfectLUM calibration solutions, providing hospitals with more options to equip their digital operating rooms.

Matrox Equinox plus Onyx Series combined with QUBYX PerfectLUM helps ensure medical images are displayed accurately and consistently, whether they are viewed in the planning room, control room, or in the OR.

Matrox Equinox connects one or two high-resolution displays, keyboard, mouse, and audio to a host PC that is electrically and magnetically isolated up to 250m (820 feet) away, enabling the distribution and routing of data, audio/video and imagery in the OR and other areas while removing the PC from this space. Matrox Onyx – a PCIe, single-slot, fanless companion display controller board to Matrox Equinox Series - reproduces the Equinox medical display and imaging capabilities onto displays next to the host PC, allowing OR staff to plan and monitor surgeries outside of the OR.

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