The AutoMed Post-Op Pain Control Pump offers surgeons a new option in electronic drug infusion technology to manage postoperative pain.
Providing the accuracy and therapeutic flexibility of an electronic device, the pump is for single or multipatient use.
The pump is portable, delivering a continuous controlled infusion directly to the surgical site or perineural area for regional anesthesia. While wearing it, patients can press a bolus-dose button to deliver additional anesthetic to relieve breakthrough pain.
The AutoMed pump provides adjustable basal rates, bolus volumes and lockout times. It can be used with an integrated 150 or 250 mL medication reservoir or any standard size of medication container. It can also be used with a perineural catheter and two sizes of the fenestrated McKinley Saturation Catheter. Its small size, ease of use and alarm signals ensure patient safety and convenience during the recovery period.

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