News | October 17, 2007

PlasmaJet Features Effective Coagulation for Surgical Procedures

October 18, 2007 - The PlasmaJet, a surgical device that reportedly offers patient safety and effective coagulation, produces a very high level of thermal and kinetic energy in the form of pure plasma, which is a highly ionized gas containing an equal number of positive ions and electrons.
Argon gas, when excited into a plasma state, emerges from the tip of a PlasmaJet hand piece in a precise, pale blue jet stream. This electrically-neutral plasma releases its energy upon contact with tissue.
The PlasmaJet is already FDA cleared for coagulation. The device can be used on a variety of tissues to coagulate, seal and prevent fluid loss. When used at higher settings, the PlasmaJet can vaporize and remove unwanted tissue growth. The PlasmaJet technology has now been extended to cutting with simultaneous coagulation and the product is about to undergo FDA 510(K) clearance for cutting in surgical procedures.
The PlasmaJet reportedly delivers coagulation with minimal tissue damage and reduces bleeding, therefore, shortening the time spent in an operating room. The neutral energy of the device eliminates the need for electric current to pass through a patient’s body, thus removing the risks of alternate burn sites and tissue perforation.

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