Technology | October 17, 2007

Picis Releases New Version of CareSuite Extelligence Anesthesia

At the 2007 ASA Picis released its new version of CareSuite Extelligence Anesthesia version 3.0 software, which helps analyze and manage the business and clinical aspects of anesthesiology.
It integrates with the company’s Anesthesia manager AIMS system, allowing clinicians and business managers to access anesthesia information and recorded data.
Extelligence Anesthesia version 3.0 is a Web-based tool, simplifying deployment to end-users across the hospital. Within the Extelligence Anesthesia version 3.0 best practice report library, which includes 22 reports across five categories, are new fluid and blood reports, enabling the anesthesia team to analyze throughput, efficiency and clinical quality indicators.
Using the software, clinicians and quality assurance professionals can identify incidents and trends in-patient care, such as higher temperatures, difficult intubations and nausea/vomiting. In addition to clinical data, the software enables healthcare executives and business managers to track productivity and performance and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
“Costs and risks of anesthesia care are among the highest in the hospital. Quick access to information on performance and procedures can prevent waste, increase billing and help improve patient care,” said Carlos Nunez, M.D., chief physician executive of Picis, and a practicing anesthesiologist and intensivist. “Extelligence Anesthesia transforms disjointed data into meaningful, digestible information and reports without the need for extensive IT involvement.”