Picis Inc. announced Tuesday it has completed an agreement with BT to deliver Picis' operating room management system to six hospital trusts in London. The implementation of the Picis system is scheduled to begin in December 2006.

This software, which is based upon Picis' CareSuiteT OR Manager product deployed in North America, has been developed to meet the exacting needs and quality requirements of England's National Health System (NHS) as part of its expansive program to computerize all of its hospitals. This agreement represents more than two years of close collaboration between Picis, BT and NHS Connecting for Health (NHSCFH)-the executive agency of the UK 's Department of Health responsible for the program-and will provide a next-generation operating room/theatre management system. This collaboration included direct involvement from end-users of several London trusts.

Picis' Theatre ManagerT is being implemented to provide complete surgical scheduling, patient tracking, intraoperative nursing documentation and wait list management at six London trusts, which comprise 12 hospitals and more than 120 operating rooms. These six rollouts will be in addition to the recent successful installation of Picis' operating room management system at University College London Hospital . In 2005, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, consisting of more than 1,000 beds, eight facilities and 26 operating theatres, went live with Theatre Manager three days ahead of schedule. This activation included surgical scheduling and intraoperative documentation at all facilities. 

"Picis is proud to build upon our proven track record of successful delivery of our operating theatre automation solutions to England 's National Health Service," said Todd Cozzens, president and chief executive officer of Picis. "Our close collaboration with BT to meet the demanding requirements of the NHS will enable these six London trusts to help make their surgical operations more efficient."

 "We are confident that our collaboration with Picis has culminated in a robust solution that meets both the needs of the user and the exacting specifications of NHS Connecting for Health," said Gareth Tipton, commercial director for BT's London Program, which is delivering new IT systems across the capital.

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