Technology | September 11, 2006

Physicians, Nurses Provided with Snapshot of Entire ED

ED PulseCheck is a comprehensive patient tracking and documentation system that shares data with existing hospital information systems, benefitting patients, hospitals, physicians and nurses.
With a familiar Web browser-based navigation, the system is Web-based and links with other information systems, making it accessible almost anywhere, anytime. Clinicians can choose to document with PulseCheck through a variety of tools, including voice recognition, which helps create a patient-specific narrative for documentation, and the PicisPen, which combines handwritten documentation with the advantages of electronic records, promoting fast and accessible physician documentation. ED PulseCheck provides physicians and nurses with a real-time snapshot of the entire emergency department through automated patient tracking, charting and charge capture, which helps promote patient care, increased efficiencies and revenue.
Doctors and nurses can check patient information and test results from previous visits, including patient's allergies and medications; lab, radiology and cardiology results; diagnoses and discharge notes (in-patient and outpatient); and doctors who cared for a patient during defined time periods.