Technology | October 16, 2007

Philips Offers Time-of-Flight Technology, Improved Image Quality

The Philips GEMINI TF with TruFlight time-of-flight technology localizes the PET annihilation event. Practical benefits reportedly include increased diagnostic confidence, improved lesion detectability for early detection and treatment of disease, higher throughput and lower radiation exposure to patients and staff. The GEMINI TF features 16-slice and 64-channel Brilliance CT configurations.

The BrightView SPECT system is a fully featured variable angled camera with CloseUp technologies, enabling higher resolution by minimizing distance between detector and patient. Bone and cardiac image quality are improved with ultra-thin pallet and exceptionally small cardiac dead space, according to the manufacturer.

Precedence SPECT/CT unites multislice CT with a flexible gamma camera. The system, reportedly designed for the most challenging patients, affords a comprehensive solution, providing registered SPECT, planar and CT images and individual SPECT, CT or attenuation-corrected nuclear medicine images.