Technology | December 19, 2007

Patient SafetyNet Offers Wireless Notification

Masimo recently launched Patient SafetyNet, a new remote monitoring and clinician notification system that combines the performance of Masimo Rainbow SET pulse oximetry with wireless clinician notification via pager to provide a high level of safety to patients.

Masimo Patient SafetyNet is designed to keep at-risk patients safe on general care floors by connecting them to qualified caregivers quickly, easily and accurately. When a Patient SafetyNet-monitored patient is in respiratory distress, meaningful and actionable alarms are generated by the Masimo bedside monitor and sent wirelessly to designated clinicians for review and response. As a result, appropriate clinical intervention can be initiated quickly, preempting sentinel events — defined by the Joint Commission as “an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical injury not related to the natural course of the patient’s illness.”

The system instantly routes bedside-generated alarms through a server to a qualified clinician’s hand-held paging device in real-time. For added safety, the system allows for automatic escalation of the alarm to additional clinicians when necessary.

Each Masimo Patient SafetyNet system can support up to 40 bedside monitors and can either be integrated into a hospital’s existing IT infrastructure or operate as a stand-alone wireless network.

December 2007