Technology | February 20, 2008

Omnicell Debuts Patient-Specific Management System

The new SinglePointe totally automated, patient-specific management system along with the latest release of Omnicell 12.0 automated dispensing software will be a new way for hospital pharmacies and nursing staffs to store, manage and track patient-specific medications, according to the manufacturer.

The combination of the SinglePointe system, with an existing bedside bar-code verification system, means the company will be able to deliver on a closed-loop medication management, administration and dispensing system to help reduce the risk of medication errors, boosts staff efficiency and advances patient safety.

The SinglePointe system provides an auto-assign process that matches patient-specific locations with patients and their medications that are not routinely stocked in the dispensing system. This proprietary feature significantly reduces the labor-intensive process of loading and unloading medications in the dispensing system as well as the management of multi-use and “home” medications.

The SinglePointe system’s versatile platform can reportedly complement and support current cartfill, cartless or hybrid models of medication distribution. In addition, the company said the SinglePointe system works seamlessly with other Omnicell products.