News | April 07, 2007

Ohio Medical Offers Vacuum Suction Technology Improvements

April 9, 2007 —Ohio Medical, a manufacturer of medical suction/vacuum regulators in the U.S. market, offers a patented Push-To-Set (PTS) feature that automatically occludes the vacuum flow while the device is being adjusted so that the gauge accurately displays the peak vacuum.

These devices are used at the bedside in hospitals for regulating the vacuum (suction) applied to a patient for the removal of fluids and secretions. Although not classified as a critical care device, suction regulators are the most critical device in managing airways and gastric fluids to prevent aspiration pneumonia as well as many other applications.

Additionally, Ohio Medical incorporated a few more exciting features.

• Quick-To-Max - Only two turns to full wall vacuum.
• Stat-Set-Up -Intermittent mode starts in the "ON" cycle, meaning no more waiting.

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