News | July 19, 2007

Nucletron Introduces New Brachytherapy Equipment with More Channel Options

July 20, 2007- At AAPM 2007, Nucletron will introduce its new microSelectron Digital afterloader that reportedly offers unprecedented scalability and connectivity, making the introduction of brachytherapy or the expansion of current brachytherapy offerings easier, more cost-effective and easily adaptable to future needs of patients and clinicians.

The new afterloader provides offers six, 18 and 30 channel systems, providing the opportunity to treat from one to 90 channels. It enables highly conformal treatment of localized cancers including gynecologic, breast, prostate, skin and endorectal.

The new microSelectron:
- Eliminates the time required to reconnect the transfer tubes when treating a larger site, dramatically shortening patient wait time during setup
- Connects to existing Nucletron HDR and PDR brachytherapy applicators and consumables as well as other DICOM-compliant software, protecting previous investments in equipment and training
- Comes with a simulation software that allows clinicians, physicists and dosimetrists to train on the system in a nonclinical setting
- Includes onConnect, a remote service solution that allows for rapid service and support over the Internet.

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